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The Perfect Patient Script

Get the exact script developed over 10+ years of community pharmacy practice that I use to turn every patient into my best patient.

The resilience toolkit

Get the number 1 tool I teach to anyone feeling stress or anxiety. This technique takes less than five minutes and will leave you feeling energized.

The Secret to Change

Get a cheatsheet that will explain this secret to change to you so you can start using it for yourself and for others.


Jon Nhan  Passionate People Helper

Jon is an optimistic mentor, who knows there is potential in you. He knows that many people have trouble seeing their own potential so through illumiinating multiple perspectives, he helps others learn and grow, through the integration of science and magic.

He is a passionate learner, driven to find the interconnectedness of all things. He realizes that the limiting beliefs that we create for ourselves can seriously affect our ability to thrive. He continues to work on growing at a personal and professional level to find true balance.

Jon is driven to create environments that foster grown and opportunity for everyone within them. He believes that it is possible to succeed on a personal level, while supporting and elevating all those around us. His approach is to support the individual and help them understand their place and affect on the system they find themselves in to elevate one and all. 

 real talk... 

Does this sound like you?

Are you a pharmacist working in the community who is stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out because of high volumes and difficult patients? 

Learn about the Curator Connection, our group that takes a holistic approach that starts with taking care of yourself so that you can better help others.

Do you feel like it is a constant struggle to survive each work day?

Does every shift you work fill you with dread whenever a patient problem arises?

Do you feel drained of energy after every shift?

Are you lacking professional satisfaction?

Real Change.

Jon is a skilled and empathetic professional who helped me through purposeful hypnosis. I now have the tools I need to live a life of mindfulness, creativity, and stability. I'm truly grateful for Jon's careful guidance and informative teachings.


Yes, I am now a non-smoker! No real physical desire to smoke. I am doing great. I thought it would be much harder.


I'm loving being without insomnia and anxiety at bedtime. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge, it's truly a gift. I feel as though I have been given my life back.


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